You Can No Longer Be Drunk on a Plane, But Only as a Passenger

The federal government has announced a new ban on getting drunk on a plane, but only as a passenger. The new rule prohibits anyone from drinking alcohol while on a plane unless they are a member of the flight crew.

The ban comes as a response to a number of high-profile incidents in which passengers have gotten drunk and caused trouble on board. In one recent case, a passenger became so drunk that she started attacking other passengers and crew members.

The new rule will apply to all flights within and into the United States. Airlines are being urged to enforce the ban by refusing to serve alcohol to passengers who appear to be drunk and by refusing to allow passengers to drink any alcohol that they have brought on board themselves.

The new rule is being met with mixed reactions. Some passengers are happy that the government is taking action to crack down on drunken behavior. Others say that it’s unfair to punish all passengers for the actions of a few.

The government says that the new rule is necessary to ensure the safety of all passengers. It is hoped that the ban will help to reduce the number of disruptive incidents on planes.

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