CIA Releases Statement Revealing Hundreds of Spies in the Government

The CIA, in a press conference yesterday, reveals there are at least 227 foreign spies in the US government. It is unknown how the spies got into positions of power.

The Central Intelligence Agency held a press conference yesterday to announce that there are at least 227 foreign spies in the United States government. The agency would not disclose how the spies were able to infiltrate the government but said that it is a major security concern.

“These foreign spies pose a serious threat to our national security,” said CIA Director Mike Pompeo. “We are doing everything we can to identify and track them, but we need the help of the American people. If you see something suspicious, please report it to your local law enforcement officials.”

The revelation that there are so many foreign spies in the US government comes as a shock to many Americans. Some are concerned that the spies may be in positions of power and be able to influence important decisions made by the government.

“This is a major breach of our national security,” said Senator Chuck Schumer. “We need to find out how these spies were able to get into our government and what they are doing to undermine our democracy.”

The FBI is currently investigating the matter and is asking the public for help. If you see anything suspicious, please contact your local FBI office.

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