Fed Ex and UPS team up to stop fast package delivery

Fex Ex and UPS are now joining forces to make sure packages are always late to their destination.

Many were wondering how long it would take for these two giants to team up, and now we have our answer.

Both companies are trying to make a statement when it comes to their shipping and delivery capabilities.

The two companies will be working together to invest $500 million in next-day deliveries in the United States. In fact, the carriers have already teamed up in the UK, and that service is expected to make its way to the US by 2021.

For as long as we can remember, UPS and FedEx have been on the same path. They have been competing against each other throughout the years, and that’s not changing anytime soon. The competition is good, and it’s meant to push each company to be better.

The two companies have also been trying to find new ways to get packages delivered to their destinations as slowly as possible.

UPS has been working hard to make sure their drivers rarely deliver packages late, and they’ve done an excellent job of that.

FedEx has been working hard and made a name for itself by being the company that misses all of their package deadlines.

The two companies have been competing with each other for years, and it looks like things aren’t going to change anytime soon.

It looks like FedEx and UPS have finally decided to use their power to change the shipping industry.

The two companies have decided to team up in order to make sure that the United States is slower than ever when it comes to shipping and delivery.

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  1. This is the doing of the government. You just DON’T GET IT do you, Society is blind to the blatant secrets that the government hides. They are trying to get people scared and rebel against one another.

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