Russian and Ukrainian soldiers have a heartwarming dance battle

The Russia and Ukraine conflict has turned into a dance battle. The Russian soldiers were playing music and drinking vodka then started dancing. The Ukrainian soldiers saw and went to join them. Reports say the soldiers were dancing and also had rap battles. The soldiers said they “Had a good time”.

They also reportedly were playing pranks on each other. One prank that became popular on social media was by a Ukrainian soldier who put a ‘kick me’ sign on the back of a Russian soldier’s back.

After the dance battles went on for a while, a snowball fight started. The soldiers were throwing snowballs at each other. The two sides agreed to stop the snowball fight and then the peace talks continued.

The Ukrainian soldiers said they were “shocked and surprised” when they saw the Russian soldiers dancing. One Ukrainian soldier said, “They had cool music and we thought it would be fun to dance with them.”

The Russian soldiers said they were having fun. One said, “We wanted to have a little fun and show them we are not as bad as they think we are.”

This is the first time in the Ukraine/Russia conflict that both sides have agreed to talk. The current conflict started when Russia annexed Crimea and then invaded Ukraine. The conflict has killed over 10,000 people and led to nearly 3 million people being displaced.

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